AFH50m-05 : Keeping Your 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix in Racing Shape

by / Saturday, 14 April 2012 / Published in Auto Parts, Maf Sensors, Nissan Maf Sensor

AFH50m-05 : Keeping Your 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix in Racing Shape

afh50m-05 mass air flow sensor

James Garner’s racecar driver character in the 1966 classic movie Grand Prix knew that keeping your car in top form on the track and on the road meant taking care of your engine. Your 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix’s AFM 50m-05 mass airflow sensor is critical to keeping you safe and secure, while preserving the heritage of Pontiac’s racing tradition—just as it was depicted in the film—on the road today.

So your 2000 Grand Prix is a seasoned commuter, been around the block a few times, and is a wise road warrior. Just as you are dropping off the kids at hockey practice or racing down the street to catch a movie, the engine light illuminates and the car starts stalling trying to catch it’s breathe. It’s likely time to replace your AFM50M-05 mass airflow sensor.

I know what you’re thinking—a mass airflow sensor can wait. With tires and oil changes and a crack in the windshield—the small mass airflow sensor is typically the last item checked on your car. However, as in all things in life, there is a reaction to every decision you make with your car. By not replacing your mass airflow sensor, you run the risk of long term damage to your 2000 Grand Prix’s performance and engine longevity.

The AFM50M-05 mass airflow sensor on your 2000 Grand Prix is so vital because it measures the temperature and flow rate of air entering your engine. Without your Pontiac’s AFM50M-05 mass airflow sensor in the Emissions Control System (ECS), the Engine Control Unit (ECU) can’t give a proper fuel /oxygen mixture. An off balanced air mixture because of a faulty mass airflow sensor puts strain on air flow parts that become worn, eventually needing replacement costing you money.

Luckily, replacing the AFM50M-05 mass airflow sensor on your 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix is painless. You can find the mass airflow sensor in the middle of the air hose between your air filter and the intake manifold. Just grab a flathead screw driver, unhook the electrical sensor and remove the housing unit from the air hose assembly.

Your 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix is a 240 horsepower roadrunner that desires the open road. You ensure your 3.2 liter V6 engine purrs with delight by feeding it the best engine oil, balance the tires, and wax its metal coat. Don’t ruin all that tender loving care by passing misjudging the importance of the AFM50M-05 mass airflow sensor. The simple precaution of replacing your AFH50m-05 mass airflow sensor is a simple solution that keeps your Pontiac Grand Prix running smoothly—wherever you’re going.