How to Clean a Maf Sensor- Perils to avoid Paying Big

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How to clean a mass air flow sensor is your problem right? So after you calm down from the tirade you had when the check engine light flickered on, you determine that your Mass Air flow Sensor is faulty and quickly Google how to clean a Mass Air flow Sensor. You think that it’s cheaper to just clean the Mass Air flow Sensor than  just buying a new one right? There are probably plenty of how to clean a mass air flow sensor guides available; however most of them lack the information we are about to provide.


When you choose to clean your Mass Air flow Sensor instead of replacing it, you’re just putting the proverbial band aid on a wound that needs particular attention to heal.

Your Mass Air Flow Sensor is your traffic cop for your car’s oxygen, constantly measuring the temperature and amount of oxygen entering your intake manifold to deliver a healthy fuel/oxygen mixture to your pistons powering your car.

Without a clean Mass Air flow Sensor functioning properly, your car wheezes and chokes on either a too rich or a too lean mixture, causing serious damage to other essential parts on your vehicle – leading to heavy expenses to your wallet.

A Mass Airflow Sensor reads that it’s defective because of many reasons – one being it has excess buildup of road debris gathered from your car’s intake manifold.  The current cleaners on the market are aerosol can sprays that have chemicals that do clean the debris out of your Mass Air flow Sensor temporarily, yet fail to address other more serious issues.

Your Mass Air flow Sensor, like other parts on your car, ages overtime and eventually wears out. A simple how to clean your mass air flow sensor guide will not solve the aging circuitry, worn parts and plastic fatigue.

Put it this way, imagine that you’re a fighter pilot and your oxygen mask is your Mass Air flow Sensor. Would you want to be in a dogfight with a worn, old and malfunctioning oxygen mask just because someone put a clean wipe through it?

I didn’t think so.

Your car is a financial investment, and to many a part of the family. Cleaning your Mass Air flow Sensor might get your car started for now, but eventually your car is going to have a serious breakdown, and your aerosol cleaner won’t be able to help you.

So, next time you’re in your car’s cockpit and the check engine light pops up, don’t immediately radio a mayday and pull the ejection handle on replacing your Mass Air flow Sensor. Put in the time and money, spend a sunny weekend with your car with the hood up and replace your Mass Airflow Sensor.  No matter what you drive —Nissan, Ford, BMW—Auto Mammoth is your #1 source for quality auto parts that will get you on the road quicker, and for less.

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Also, if you are trying to look up a how to clean a mass air flow sensor guide, please do NOT touch the part circled in red with your hands, or it will cease to work.

For all your skeptics, we will be adding a how to clean a mass air flow sensor youtube video displaying the fragility and what a worn out circuit board looks like. Spend the extra $50-80 today and don’t waste anymore time.

how to clean a mass air flow sensor

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