What problems can a faulty mass airflow sensor cause?

by / Friday, 07 October 2011 / Published in Archive, Automotive News, Featured, Information

A mass airflow sensor

is the component that measures the flow and density of the air going into the combustion chamber. Many refer to it as a MAF sensor. The mass airflow sensor helps

the computer regulate the ratio of air to fuel. If it begins to fail of has failed, it needs to be replaced immediately. This is because the MAF is a

critical engine performance When the MAF is failing or has already failed the check engine light should appear. However, many problems can

cause this light to illuminate so it is best to get the car’s computer analyzed in order to find the true problem. A auto mechanic can perform this

test or it can be done yourself using a digital auto diagnostics scanner. Mass airflow sensors can cause a large range of engine performance

problems. These can include low gas mileage, stalling, and a variety of knocking or shuddering. Other automobile problems can also cause these

issues so once again it is important to get your car tested. The MAF can also malfunction because it has become dirty. The air that travels

through the MAF is filtered, but microscopic particles can still travel through and accumulate. This usually causes problems when there is severe

buildup. In this case, you may be able to restore the Mass airflow sensor by removing it and cleaning it.

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